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Let's Get to the Good Stuff



A Tradition Since 1998

D.Lish's Double

$ 4.32

Double meat, double cheese.


$ 5.32

Triple meat, triple cheese.

Monster 4X

$ 6.32

Four meats, four cheeses.

Single Cheeseburger

$ 3.32

A classic for a reason. Single meat, single cheese.


$ 3.12

Single meat, hold the cheese.

Dave's Q

$ 6.39

Double Cheese with bacon, crispy onions, pickles, tomato and our own BBQ sauce!


$ 4.32

Double meat, Double cheese, No bun, All the Flavor.

Not Burgers

Chicken and Extras

Chicken Sandwich

$ 5.32

2 Whole Chicken Tenders with Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo.

D.Lish's Club

$ 6.42

Our Chicken Sandwich, but with bacon.

Chicken Basket

$ 6.63

3 Tenders and Fries and 2 sauces - your choice of Tartar, Ranch, or Special Sauce

Sauces & Sides

Get Saucy With It


Regular - $2.62, Small - $2.22

Perfectly fried, tastefully salted. The perfect side for your sandwich.

Tartar Sauce

$ .35

Freshly made in-house, every day.

Special Sauce

$ .35

You might call it fry sauce, we call it delicious. Also made fresh in-house everyday.


$ .35

The perfect traditional and tangy dipping sauce. You guessed it - freshly made in-house, every day.